Guidance on procurement frameworks that can be used as a part of delivering online public services.


This catalogue lists procurement frameworks let by the Scottish Government and the Crown Commercial Service that may be useful when delivering public services online. Frameworks will be added, updated and removed over time in order to reflect changes.

Please note: it is the responsibility of any buying organisation wishing to use a Framework Agreement to satisfy itself that it is eligible to do so.

For more detailed information on the Scottish government frameworks listed, you should refer to:

For more detailed information on the Crown commercial Services framework you should refer to:


IT Services Frameworks

Scottish Government Frameworks

Hosting Services Framework

This framework covers a range of data hosting services including co-location, private cloud, public cloud and community cloud. This allows organisations the option of having data stored by an external party as an alternative to storage on an internal infrastructure.


The following services are in scope and available through the Framework:

  • Hosting Services: Private Cloud
  • Hosting Services: Public Cloud
  • Hosting Services: Community Cloud
  • Hosting Services: Hybrid Cloud
  • Hosting Services: Co-location

Start date: 21 May 2015 End date: 20 May 2018

Digital and Technology Services Framework (DATS)

The DATS framework commenced on 13 May 2015 for an initial two year period with options to extend for a further two periods of one year and is available to all Scottish public bodies.

The framework is a multi-supplier agreement. Organisations can use the framework to run Mini-competitions or a Direct Award option for contracts awarded via the framework.


Covers a wide range of services including (but not limited to):

  • delivery of service desks;
  • transformational digital/ICT projects;
  • service/system integration;
  • product support and network support;
  • ICT Project and Programme Management;
  • Cyber Security;
  • Digital Services;
  • Service Integration and Management (SIAM);
  • IT Consultancy (Advice and Strategy);
  • and System Integration.

Start Date: 13 May 2015 End Date: 12 May 2018

Server Maintenance Framework

The framework includes maintenance of the following:

  • All Server types;
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Switches; 
  • Tape Drives and Tape Libraries;
  • Keyboard Video Monitor Switch (KVM);
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices;
  • Storage Area Network (SAN).

Start Date: 24 June 15 End Date: 23 June 18

Application Design and Development Services (ADDS)

The project to deliver the ADDS framework is currently in progress and we estimate award in June 2016. The framework shall be a multi-supplier agreement.


The services that will be delivered under the Framework Agreement are:

  • Application design and build
  • Application testing, including both user and performance testing
  • Application deployment and integration services
  • Optional Services will include (if core services are procured): Hosting, application support and maintenance and integration and data migration.

Start Date: 1 August 2016 End Date: 31 July 2018

Crown Commercial Service Frameworks

Corporate Software Solutions (RM1042)

The Corporate Software Solutions framework has been developed as a pan-government agreement in association with strategic partners from central government, the wider public sector and Pro5 buying organisations. It provides a procurement vehicle for customers to access a specialist supply base for complex business needs based on common software products.

Under the agreement suppliers are able to provide Enterprise applications software and related services to include design, development, installation and commissioning of systems; ongoing support, training, enhancement and maintenance and some related business process support services. Solutions do not need to be completely new and could be a customisation of existing software to fit requirements.

Start Date: 06/10/2014 End Date: 05/10/2017

Digital Marketplace: Crown Hosting Data Centres (RM1069)

This is a single supplier agreement under which central government and the wider public sector customers can call-off data centre co-location services.

Call-off agreements can commence at any time until 15 March 2019. The initial term of a call-off agreement may be up to 5 years with the option to extend twice, in each case for up to 1 year.

The supplier is Crown Hosting Data Centres Ltd (a Joint Venture between the government and Ark Data Centres Ltd).


Key elements of the service are:

  • Data Centre Co-location Services: Provision of managed space solutions within mission critical data centres. Catering for individual cabinet space or floor space within (i) Data Halls shared with other framework customers only or (ii) Dedicated Data Hall space, all with resilient power, cooling and physical security. Design includes individually lockable cabinets and potential for lockable aisles;
  • Security: The data centres from which services will be delivered have been assured by CPNI/PGA to OFFICIAL. The data centres are capable of delivering services including SECRET and TOP SECRET, subject to individual accreditations by customers.
  • Connectivity: Carrier neutral data centres connected to PSN, N3, SLI, RLI networks. Provision of high speed networks enabling fast and easy data storage and retrieval;
  • Agreed Service Levels covering (amongst other things) Power Uptime, Power Outages, Temperature Uptime, WAN Uptime, Humidity Uptime, Incident Management, Change Management, Capacity Management and Latency;
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Dual data centre campuses with physical separation permitting synchronous replication and secure environment for back up data and recovery systems;
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management: Real-time insight into power usage, cooling, asset location and infrastructure availability to support environmental efficiency, asset management and fault rectification.

Start Date: 16/03/2015 End Date: 15/03/2019

Enterprise Application Support Services (RM1032)

This agreement provides access to direct support and maintenance for Enterprise Application Software. All suppliers can support customisation and provide support independently of normal product lifecycles (for example provide continued support to legacy systems).


Services include but are not limited to:

  • break-fix support;
  • advice on available patches; development, testing and implementation of bug fixes/workarounds/patches/updates;
  • monitoring operation to assure application and information availability and integrity;
  • maintaining and sharing a knowledge-base of known issues and solutions;
  • assistance with upgrading, replacing, or otherwise changing the Enterprise Application Software.

There are 20 suppliers in total ranging from multi-national to SME organisations, providing services through four lots:

  • Lot 1: Oracle E Business Suite Enterprise Application Support
  • Lot 2: SAP Enterprise Application Support Services
  • Lot 3: Other Specified Enterprise Application Support Services
  • Lot 4: Other Non-Specified Enterprise Application Support Services

Start Date: 26/08/2014 End Date: 25/08/2017

Digital Marketplace: G-Cloud 8 (RM1557viii)

The G-Cloud framework allows you to choose and purchase cloud services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. The framework is for commodity based, pay-as-you go cloud services across four lots:


  • Lot 1: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Lot 2: Platforms as a Service (PaaS)
  • Lot 3: Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services

Lot 4 is for services outside of the three traditional ‘as a service’ (aaS) areas to support customers transitioning to cloud services.

Start Date: 29/07/2016 End Date: 28/07/2017

Technology Services (RM1058)

This agreement has been developed in collaboration with the Government Digital Service (GDS). It is an enabler for public sector organisations to take significant steps towards the “Digital by Default” agenda. Its primary purpose is to provide technology services to central government, local authorities and NHS trusts.

The agreement provides access to specialist suppliers who can provide the services under individual lots, as well as suppliers who can provide multiple services across a number of lots facilitated by means of a collaboration agreement.

You can place call-off contracts via a further competition by providing suppliers with the details of your requirement and each supplier will submit a priced solution against those requirements.

Small businesses have been encouraged to participate by disaggregating the services and offering them in separate lots.


The agreement is divided into 11 lots:

  • Lot 1: Help / service desk
  • Lot 2: Desktop support
  • Lot 3: Network management
  • Lot 4: Network and content security
  • Lot 5: Infrastructure and platform, maintenance and support
  • Lot 6: Audit services and asset management
  • Lot 7: IT infrastructure transition services and delivery
  • Lot 8: Service integration / service integrator
  • Lot 9: Disaster recovery / business continuity
  • Lot 10: Back up and data services
  • Lot 11: Asset disposal

Start Date: 27/05/2015 End Date: 27/05/2017

Managed Email (RM1085)

Provides access to managed email services for public sector organisations.

Start Date: 29/08/2014 End Date: 28/08/2017

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 (RM1043iii)

Provides services including a digital outcome, e.g. a beta of an NHS appointment booking system; digital specialists, e.g.a product manager or developers; user research studios; user research participants.

Start Date: 24/02/2017 End Date: TBC

IT Networking Frameworks

Scottish Government Frameworks

Fixed Telephony Services Framework

The scope of the Framework Agreement is for the provision of traditional telephony services, described in brief as: voice calls, line provision and line rental

Start Date: 27 June 14 End Date: 26 June 17

Network Enablement Services Framework

The scope of the Framework Agreement is for the provision of network enablement services described in brief as: network audits; designs and solutions

Start Date: 31 October 14 End Date: 30 October 17

Digital Conferencing Services Framework

The aim of the Digital Conferencing Services framework is to maximise efficiency and collaboration enabling Scottish public sector organisations to work collaboratively and more efficiently with their stakeholders, making full use of the opportunities that technology provides to support this. The service will support the development of a collaborative environment of communications, where organisations can take advantage of a range of services from basic audio conferencing calls through to more advanced webcasting. The range of solutions available should ensure ease of access for participants from any device (including mobile) and compatibility with existing equipment, systems and services.

The Digital Conferencing Service includes:

  • Audio conferencing
  • Web conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Webcasting

Start Date: 1 September 2016 End Date: 31 August 2018

Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN)

  • core infrastructure services
  • catalogue connectivity services

Start Date: 14 February 14 End Date: 13 February 23

Crown Commercial Service Frameworks

Network Services (RM1045)

The Network Services agreement provides customers with access to networks and telecommunications services, including PSN compliant services. It provides savings, choice and flexibility for all publicly funded organisations; whilst ensuring compliance with the wider government technology strategy through our ongoing engagement with the Government Digital Service (GDS).

It provides access to specialist suppliers who can deliver the services under the 10 individual lots, as well as suppliers who can provide multiple services across a number of lots. The ability to appoint an agent to procure on your behalf, from this agreement, provides additional flexibility for complex requirements.

  • Lot 1: Data access services;
  • Lot 2: Local connectivity services;
  • Lot 3: Traditional telephony services;
  • Lot 4: Inbound telephony services;
  • Lot 5: IP telephony services;
  • Lot 6: Mobile voice and data services;
  • Lot 7: Paging services;
  • Lot 8: Video-conferencing services;
  • Lot 9: Audio-conferencing services;
  • Lot 10: Integrated communications.

Start Date: 27/07/2015 End Date: 26/07/2017

IT Products Frameworks

Scottish Government Frameworks

Mobile Client Devices (SP-15-011-1)

Single supplier providing a range of laptop devices, accessories and associated services.

Start date: 16 November 15 End date: 15 November 17

Desktop Client Devices (SP-15-011-4)

Single supplier providing a range of desktop PCs and Monitors, and all associated services.

Start date: 1 January 2016 End date: 31 December 17

Thin Clients (SP-15-011-2)

Single supplier providing a range of Thin Client Devices and Operating Systems, accessories and associated services.

Start date: 30 November 15 End date: 29 November 17

Web-based & Proprietary Client Devices (SP-15-011-3)

Single supplier providing a range of Chromebooks, Apple devices, accessories and associated services.

Start date: 30 November 15 End date: 29 November 17

National IT Peripherals Framework (SP-14-002)

Scottish Procurement awarded a single supplier National Framework for IT Peripherals on 1 August 2014, with deliveries to framework public bodies commencing on 1 November 2014.


  • Audio visual
  • Desktop printers and scanners
  • General Peripherals
  • Network Equipment

This list above is not exhaustive and provides an example of the products available through the framework.

All services associated with the deployment of the product groups detailed above are considered within scope of this framework.

Start date: 1 August 2014 End date: 31 July 2017 (with the option to extend for 1 further 12 month periods)

Desktop Client Device Framework (SP-15-011-4)

A single supplier framework for the provision of desktop client devices and associated services.


  • Corporate desktop PC;
  • A range of flat panel monitors.

All services associated with the deployment of desktop client devices, together with a range of upgrades, downgrades and accessories.

Start Date: 20th June 2016 End Date: 19th June 2018

Office Equipment (PS-12-008-1, PS-12-008-2)

Multi-Supplier Framework:

  • Lot 1: Multi-functional devices and services
  • Lot 2: Print estate audit services

Start Date: 3 June 13 End Date: 2 June 17

Crown Commercial Service Frameworks

Technology Products (RM1054)

Technology Products provides a commercial route to market for all ICT product and solution requirements for both central government and wider public sector organisations, comprising of four lots.


  • Lot 1: Technology Hardware - for the provision of vendor neutral hardware. Hardware solutions can also be procured. The scope covers end user computing and infrastructure. When procuring a solution, software can be provided under this lot provided the hardware forms the majority of the requirement.
  • Lot 2: Packaged Software - for the provision of packaged, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software, Open Source software, licences. Packaged software solutions can also be procured. When procuring a software solution, hardware can also be provided under this lot provided the software forms the majority of the requirement.
  • Lot 3: Secure Technology Products and Disposals - for the provision of Information Assured (IA) products, both hardware and software, that is compliant with CESG standards. Audio-visual solutions and secure disposals.
  • Lot 4: User Devices (OEM Suppliers) - for the provision of committed high volume procurements for end user devices of any type/format (Desktop PC, laptop, tablet, thin client, server, storage device, other device).

Start Date: 17/11/2014 End Date: 16/11/2016

‘Specialist’ IT Frameworks

Crown Commercial Service Frameworks

ICT Services for Education (RM1050)

This agreement provides customers with the capability to obtain ICT goods and services tailored for the specific needs of a diverse range of educational establishments.


The framework covers the full range of ICT goods, services and solutions operated by educational institutions including design, specification, supply, integration, implementation and testing, training, and support and maintenance (either all together as a packaged solution or in any combination required by customers).

Start Date: 27/04/2015 End Date: 26/04/2017

Local Authority Software Applications (RM1059)

This agreement has been developed in conjunction with local authorities, the Local Government Association and Pro5 to establish a route to market for the acquisition of software and related services to enable local authorities within the UK to deliver services to their citizens, such as revenue and benefits collection and payments and delivery of statutory functions such as social care, planning, environmental and building control, and provision of social housing.

Under the agreement suppliers are able to provide software and related services to include design, development, installation and commissioning of systems; ongoing support and maintenance; and some related business process services.


There are 11 lots:

  • Lot 1 covers the provision of software and associated services for the purpose of collection and distribution of Revenue & Benefit payments and National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR)
  • Lot 2 covers the provision of software and associated services for the purpose of Payment Processing and Cash Receipting
  • Lot 3 covers the provision of software and associated services for Environmental, Planning, Building Control, Trading Standards and Licencing
  • Lot 4 covers the provision of software and associated services for Libraries
  • Lot 5 covers the provision of software and associated services for Housing and Property Management
  • Lot 6 covers the provision of software and associated services for Social Care
  • Lot 7 covers the provision of software and associated services for the purposes of monitoring and improving public health
  • Lot 8 covers the provision of software and associated services for Civil Enforcement
  • Lot 9 covers the provision of systems and services to create and improve openness, interoperability and data sharing between systems, citizens and staff and improve the experiences of system users and reduce costs of transactions/interactions
  • Lot 10 covers the provision of software and associated services for the purpose of Democratic and Citizen Engagement
  • Lot 11 covers the provision of software and associated services for other business systems including Waste Management, Museums, Sports and Recreation, Registrar, Burials and Crematoria and GIS

Start Date: 05/08/2014 End Date: 03/08/2017

IT Personnel Frameworks

Scottish Government Frameworks

Professional Services

Temporary and Interim Staff

  • Interim Manager
  • Interim IT Staff

Start Date: 13 April 15 End Date: 12 April 18

Crown Commercial Service Frameworks

Contingent Labour One (RM960)

  • Neutral vendor
  • Managed service of administrative and clerical roles
  • Managed service of operational and support staff roles

Start Date: 19 June 13 End Date: 18 June 17