Using your Blue Badge

A Blue Badge is registered to a person, not a car.

It lasts for 3 years unless you:

  • applied for a badge based on your social security benefits and they last less than 3 years
  • have a temporary but substantial disability lasting between 12 months and 3 years
Warning: The Blue Badge is not a license to park anywhere. You can be prosecuted or given a parking ticket if you break the rules.

Where you can park

If you’re the registered badge holder and travelling as either a driver or passenger, you can use your Blue Badge to park in certain restricted areas.

You can use your Blue Badge to access on-street parking throughout the UK.

You can also use your Blue Badge to apply for a disabled person’s parking space.

Information: You might have to pay to use off-street car parks such as shopping centers, hospitals or supermarkets. These rules can change from car park to car park, but are usually displayed on signs inside.

You can park free:

  • at on-street parking meters
  • in pay and display bays
  • on single and double yellow lines if there are no loading restrictions

Learn more about where you can and cannot park with a Blue Badge.

How to display the badge

You must display the badge so that someone can read it from outside the vehicle. The front of the badge should face upwards, showing the name of your local council.

Warning: If you display the badge in the wrong way you could get a parking fine.

Using a parking clock

In Scotland you do not need to use the parking clock provided with the Blue Badge, but local restrictions might apply.

You must use a parking clock when there’s a limit on how long you can park. Check signs to make sure.

Information: You'll need to use your parking clock when visiting England and Wales.

Travelling to and from Scotland

You can use your Blue Badge in other countries. Check the FIA Guide for using parking permits, cards and placards around the world.

If you’re travelling to Scotland from the EU, you can also use your disability parking card.

If you’re visiting Scotland from a non-EU country, you’ll need to check if you can use your Blue Badge with the local council of the area you’re staying in.