Blue Badge

If you struggle to get around and use a car for transportation, you could get a Blue Badge. A Blue Badge lets you park closer to your destination and is registered to you - so you can use it as a driver or passenger.

You could automatically qualify for a Blue Badge if you get certain benefits. You could also get a Blue Badge if you or the person you’re applying for:

  • struggles to walk
  • is blind
  • has a severe disability and has difficulty using a parking meter
  • lacks awareness about the danger of traffic

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How to apply

There are two ways to apply for a Blue Badge. You can apply online or by contacting your local council.

You must apply through your local council if:

  • you’re applying for someone who is a risk to themselves or others in traffic
  • you receive Personal Independence Payment
Information: Councils can charge up to £20 for a Blue Badge. Ask them if there's a charge before you make an application.

After you apply

Your local council will manage your application and let you know if you need to attend a mobility assessment. This is a consultation with a healthcare professional that checks if you’re eligible for a Blue Badge and if you’re getting all the support you need to travel.

Information: You'll get a decision about your application in around 12 weeks

If your application is not successful

If your application is not successful and you’d like to request a review, you should contact your local council. Your letter from the council, explaining their decision, will also tell you how to do this.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

You’ll have to apply to:

  • GOV.UK if you live in England and Wales
  • NI direct if you live in Northern Ireland