$ bower install --save inuit-starter-kit

Install using npm:

$ npm install --save inuit-starter-kit

The inuit-starter-kit simply ties together a few key dependencies that are usually the starting point for any new project. The inuit-starter-kit specifically contains some inuitcss default variables and mixins, as well as Nicolas Gallagher’s Normalize.css and global box-sizing rules. These must be imported in the following order:

@import "bower_components/inuit-defaults/settings.defaults";

@import "bower_components/inuit-functions/tools.functions";
@import "bower_components/inuit-mixins/tools.mixins";

@import "bower_components/inuit-normalize/generic.normalize";
@import "bower_components/inuit-box-sizing/";

@import "bower_components/inuit-page/";

If you use npm instead of bower, replace all occurrances of bower_components with node_modules.