Component: person

Used to display a portrait of a person along with some text content or metadata, such as you might find on an “about this organisation” page.

Example on Scottish Veterans Commissioner

Example on showing different display possibilities: Cabinet and ministers

Example HTML

<div class="person">
    <a class="person__link" href="/about/deputy-first-minister/">
        <div class="person__image-container">
            <img alt="John Swinney MSP" class="person__image" src="/images/portrait_263/square/john-swinney.jpg">

    <div class="person__text-container">
        <h3 class="person__name person__name--link">John Swinney MSP</h3>

        <p class="person__roles">
            <a class="person__role-link" href="/about/deputy-first-minister/">Deputy First Minister</a>
            and <a class="person__role-link" href="/about/cabinet-secretary-education-skills/">Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills</a>