Component: informational notes

Multipurpose callout notices, for helpful tips, warnings, and similar.

Code examples: CodePen informational notes examples

Configuration options

Informational notes have the following configuration options:

  • $info-note__border-color
  • $info-note__note-border-color - override for “note” border colour
  • $info-note__caution-border-color - override for “caution” border colour
  • $info-note__attribution-background-color - override “attribution” background colour
  • $info-note__attribution-border-color - override for “attribution” border colour
  • $info-note__blockquote-border-color - override for “blockquote” border colour
  • $info-note__image-note - image to use for “note” (default: “i” in a circle)
  • $info-note__image-caution - image to use for “caution” (default: large “!” in a circle)
  • $tablet-note-size

Your values for these should be included before you include the SCSS file.

$info-note__border-color: #f00;
@import './scss/components/component.informational-notes';

Note info-note.note

<div class="info-note note">
    You may be able to <a href="/school-meals/">apply for free school meals</a> at the same time as you apply for the clothing grant.

Caution info-note.caution

<div class="info-note caution">
    Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if the crime is in progress.

Attribution info-note.attribution

<div class="info-note attribution">
    Information provided by Disclosure Scotland

Blockquote info-note.blockquote

<blockquote class="info-note blockquote">
    Don’t meddle with other people’s ideas when you have all the work cut out of you in trying to express your own.
    <cite>Charles Rennie MacKintosh</cite>