Component: expand

The “expand” component is a button for revealing extra content. It requires the addition of some JavaScript to toggle an expand--open class on the element.

Example on Civil Service - directors-general

Configuration options

The default styling for the expand button is for it to take on colouring from the primary link styling. This can be overridden.

  • $expand__border-color
  • $expand__background-color--focus

Your values for these should be included before you include the SCSS file.

$expand__border-color: grey;
@import './scss/components/component.expand';

Example HTML

An .expand component should be associated with an element to expand through use of a data-target-selector attribute.

<button class="link expand" data-target-selector="#expand-target" title="Show more detail">
    <span class="hit-target">
        <span class="expand__icon"></span>

<div id="expand-target">
        <li><a href="link-one">Financial Strategy Directorate</a></li>
        <li><a href="link-two">Internal Audit Directorate</a></li>