Component: card

Provides a highlight or callout box. Primarily used for landing page navigation.

Example on Mygov home page

Configuration options

  • $card__hover-bottom-color - color used for the hover indication
  • $card__focus-color - color used for the focus state
  • $card__background-color - color used for the card’s background

Your values for these should be included before you include the SCSS file.

$card__hover-bottom-color: red;
@import './scss/components/component.card';

Example HTML

<article class="card card--small card--hover">
    <a href="/benefits/" class="card__content">

        <p>Includes information on the Scottish Welfare Fund, Child Benefit and tax credits.</p>

Class .card--hover

This modifier class replaces the default hover behaviour (typically underlining) with a solid border at the bottom of the card. Use this when a whole card is intended to be a clickable link.

Class .card--small

This modifier class causes the height of a card to be fixed. Without this class a card will scale to fit its contents.