Component: external links

Treatment for external links, appending an icon to the end of the link.

Configuration options

External links have the following configuration options:

  • $external-link__size - icon size
  • $external-link__size--large - large icon size (e.g. for external links in headings)
  • $external-link__size--small - small icon size (e.g. for external links in attribution)
  • $external-link__size--tablet
  • $external-link__size--tablet--large
  • $external-link__size--tablet--small
  • $external-link__icon-path - path to the icon images
  • $external-link__icon-filename-prefix - filename stem of the icon images

It is assumed that the filename for icons will take the form ‘myPrefix_size.png’, e.g. ext_arrow_text_17px.png, in order for filename strings to be built correctly from these configuration options.

Your values for these should be included before you include the SCSS file.

$external-link__size: 20px;
@import './scss/components/component.expandable';

External links in article content

External links inside <article> elements have the icon applied automatically. This happens for any links starting with http://, https://, or //. Important: internal links should all use relative paths to avoid being displayed as external links

    <a href=""> website</a>

Class external

Explicitly sets a link to use the external link icon, for example if you are creating an external link outside the article body.

<a class="external" href=""> website</a>

Class no-icon

Suppress the icon from external links when you do not wish it to appear.

<a class="external no-icon" href=""> website</a>