Base: buttons

Styles for buttons & variants.

All buttons should have a class of button at the very least. Button text needs to be contained in an element with class link-text for correct alignment within the button.

Colours used for buttons are defined in settings.colors.scss.

Example HTML

<button class="button button--primary">
    <span class="link-text">A button</span>

These styles can also be applied to links:

<a href="#" class="button button--primary">
    <span class="link-text">A link</span>

Colour variants

class="button button--primary"
This is the most common button type for primary calls to action.

class="button button--secondary"
Smaller and darker buttons for secondary actions.

class="button button--cancel"
Transparent with light colour border and text.


There are a number of modifiers available for button styles. These should be used in conjunction with colour classes, for example class="button button--primary button--xsmall".

Size variants that can be applied to all button types.