Division: Digital Public Services and Business Transformation

Grade: C1

Salary: £46,424 - £55,275

Location: Edinburgh

Type: 23 month fixed term contract

Closing date: 4/08/17


Digital technology offers the opportunity to transform the way public services are delivered, both in the cost of their delivery and in improving the user-experience of those services.

Digital Public Services and Business Transformation works with the wider public sector to deliver a range of technical products. These include mygov.scot, which is a single point of entry to government services for citizens and businesses; beta.gov.scot, which is the nation-state website; and Rubric, which is the publishing system that underpins both of these .scot sites.

The Infrastructure Engineer will make a critical contribution to the successful operation of all systems delivered as a part of the MyGov programme. This will include the design, implementation and administration of the production, test and development environments for mygov.scot systems. It will include support to the team on major operational challenges such as ensuring these systems are secure, highly available and operate with exemplary performance.

Note: The successful candidate(s) will be required to participate in a collaborative schedule for 24 hour support and maintenance of the web infrastructure. Remuneration will be based upon existing Scottish Government schedules for call-out and overtime payments.

Main Duties

Strategic (20%)

  • Remain up to date with best practice as well as new developments and trends within the web infrastructure industry/communities.
  • Regularly reflect on the capabilities and maturity of the infrastructure team and contribute to the process of continuous improvement.
  • Engage with stakeholders to ensure the role of the team is well understood.
  • Contribute to the infrastructure technology radar and support the introduction of new tools, techniques and platforms through a hold, assess, trial, adopt lifecycle.

Operational (80%)

  • Implement, administer and optimise production, test and development web infrastructure for each of the mygov.scot systems.
  • Implement monitoring for the mygov.scot infrastructure and systems to ensure early detection of events including unusual activity, reduced capacity or system failure.
  • Collaborate with release engineers to operate a robust and efficient release management process that enables continuous delivery.
  • Operate a reporting solution that allows the recording, analysis and reporting of operational data for mygov.scot systems at both application and business scope.
  • Work alongside stakeholders to define appropriate service-level targets for mygov.scot systems, then monitor, maintain and report on the agreed service targets on an on-going basis.
  • Follow appropriate processes and procedures to ensure the high availability, business continuity and security of mygov.scot systems.
  • Follow appropriate measures and processes to ensure exemplary performance, from the perspective of the end-user, for all mygov.scot systems
  • Actively identify risks, impediments and inefficiencies within the mygov.scot infrastructure and suggest improvements to mitigate or resolve them.
  • Operate the infrastructure support helpdesk ensuring that infrastructure tasks and issues are logged, prioritised appropriately, investigated and resolved in a satisfactory and timely manner.
  • Execute an on-going program of hardware and software upgrades, preventative maintenance and single point of failure analysis to maintain the resilience and efficiency of the mygov.scot infrastructure.
  • Maintain relationships with the Scottish Government IT team (ISIS) as well as 3rd party software vendors to facilitate the negotiation of contracts and the timely resolution of support issues.
  • Participate in relevant activities of the software development lifecycle.
  • Install, administer and optimise the services required to support the software development lifecycle, including version control, task tracking and code review.
  • Work in collaboration with software engineers, test engineers and business analysts to contribute to the overall assurance of delivery from the mygov.scot programme.
  • Leverage automation, where appropriate, to improve usability, productivity and consistency of the web operations function.
  • Follow appropriate checklists, frameworks and other artefacts to enable a consistent approach to web operations.
  • Install, maintain and leverage appropriate tooling to support web operations and infrastructure activities.
  • Provide consultation/education/support to other public bodies as a part of the transformation activities that form part of the division’s remit.

Competencies and Experience Required

Communications and Engagement - You will contribute to and develop clear, creative and detailed policy communication strategies to achieve Scottish Government outcomes. You will manage internal and external relationships, creating positive networks and maintaining trust and credibility. You will know when to engage with communications specialists and consider the impact on other policies and programmes across Scottish Government & wider system. You will communicate complex information clearly, presenting strategic ideas in a clear and positive way.

Improving Performance - You will use relevant tools, techniques and skills development to facilitate continuous improvement. You will understand Scottish Government programme and project management principles and use PPM effectively and proportionately. You will adapt quickly to fit skills and resources to changing circumstances and expectations. You will maintain and promote risk management processes to improve strategic planning and resource allocation.

Analysis and Use of Evidence - You will develop policy options and decisions using a range of evidence and research, to ensure that polices are aligned to outcomes. You will use relevant evidence, recognising validity and limitations, in evaluations & assessment of risks against desired outcomes, engaging analytical specialists appropriately. You will capture and securely organise knowledge & information for wider use across the organisation. You will share knowledge and information across the wider system, to obtain best value from it across the wider public service.

Essential Criteria

  • Significant senior professional experience of web infrastructure as well as the operation and support of high traffic web applications and platforms.
  • Familiarity with web systems architecture, deployment and operation in traditional data centres and using cloud computing delivery models. This should include:
    • Web servers, web accelerators and reverse proxy caches
    • Linux operating system
    • Java web applications
    • Relational database servers
  • Demonstrable experience in automation of tasks and the use of declarative provisioning tools, for example Puppet.
  • Proficient in administering, securing and optimising computer networks including the following technologies:
    • TCP/IP
    • HTTP
    • DNS
    • SSL / TLS
  • Experience in the delivery and maintenance of system quality attributes, in particular availability, security, performance, resilience and scalability. This should be evidenced by proficiency in monitoring, capacity planning, business continuity, system support and failure diagnosis.
  • Experience of both waterfall and agile methods of project management, with proficiency in iterative software development including an understanding of the associated responsibilities, practices and artefacts and the ability to communicate clearly on these and other elements of the software development lifecycle.

Desirable Criteria

  • Familiarity with continuous delivery including tactics such as automated provisioning, declarative system configuration and autonomic infrastructure.
  • Experience in architecting and deploying modern web applications in the Amazon Web Services environment, including:
    • EC2
    • Route53
    • VPC and networking
    • ELB
    • RDS
    • S3

To apply

Please send your CV and covering email (including a link to this post) to: alex.cunningham@gov.scot. Please ensure that the subject line contains “MyGov Infrastructure Engineer”.

Information about the Branch/Unit/Team

The Digital Public Services and Business Transformation division is headed by Colin Cook, Deputy Director, and aims to deliver digital public services that meet ‘digital first’ principles. These commitments are set out in the national strategy, “Scotland’s Digital Future - Delivery of Public Services.”

The post holder will be managed by the Infrastructure Manager and will have no direct line management responsibilities.