Find out how to develop and apply an entrepreneurial mindset for effective and innovative transformation of public services.

Course summary

“Mindset before skillset”

In a world where public servants are faced with increasing disruption and uncertainty, new thinking and behaviours need to be adopted and nurtured.

By exploring the characteristics of successful entrepreneurial organisations which thrive in these conditions, public organisations can build the mindsets and skillsets required to explore and maximise new opportunities.

This course has been developed from the Scottish Government’s successful CivTech programme, which creates an entrepreneurial environment for public servants and start-ups to come together to solve public sector problems.

The course will cover how to:

  • develop a compelling mission, vision and values
  • identify and communicate the value of your team’s activities in an easily understood way
  • spot and maximise opportunities to create public value

This is suitable for anyone involved in leading the transformation of public services, digital and non-digital.

The course will give you an insight into developing an entrepreneurial mindset. It will help you plan and deliver transformation in ways you might not have previously considered and introduce tools which you can apply immediately.

Course aims and objectives

The course explores mindset of the 21st century public service leader – entrepreneurial in outlook, action-oriented and driven by the core purpose of creating public value in the programmes and organisations they lead. It provides case studies, tools and approaches that participants can use immediately back in the office.

By starting with mindset and culture, this programme starts a step before where traditional transformation or innovation learning programmes begin.

Key topics covered include:

  • what is an entrepreneurial mindset?
  • mission, vision and values
  • developing value propositions to understand the value your organisation creates and explore ways to maximise it
  • problem exploration, definition and approaches to solving
  • understanding attitudes and skills teams need to adopt more innovative ways of working
  • planning for and measuring impact and culture change

This intensive high-impact learning experience will take place in the CivTech studio over a day. It will include:

  • a selection of case studies and practical examples that illustrate the value of an entrepreneurial mindset in public services

These Public Entrepreneur learning experiences are delivered in the CivTech studio in Codebase, with the immersion in the studio environment where entrepreneurs and innovators focus on public services.

Course length

The course runs over 1 day; starting at 9:30am and finishing at 4:30pm.

Course attendees

This course is open to all public servants involved in leading transformation.

For example:

  • you are starting a new transformation programme
  • your transformation programme / team needs a reboot
  • you want to explore alternative approaches to your work and are interested in applying these
  • you lead innovation projects in government or public services and wish to learn from the experience of the CivTech Programme
  • you and your team would like to experience an introduction to entrepreneurial thinking in public service


The course costs £150+VAT for each person. The Scottish Digital Academy will invoice your organisation for the cost of each place taken on the course.

Please note: Confirmed bookings will be invoiced 1 month prior to the start of the first course.

Course bookings will need to be paid in full prior to the start of your course, in order for you to attend.

Refreshments and lunch is included in the cost of the day.


If you withdraw from the course, and the Scottish Digital Academy are unable to fill the requested space, the course booking will be invoiced as a filled place.


To book a place on this course:

  • you must have permission from the person or department that approves your organisation’s training budget

To request a place on this course, email with:

  • your name
  • your directorate/organisation
  • the course name
  • the date and location you would like to attend

We will email you further details and confirm your booking, once we process your request.

Training locations and dates

The venue is the CivTech studio in Codebase, 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh.

Please note dates are subject to change, based on venue availability.

Location Date Places available
Edinburgh – CivTech Studio 14 November 2019 16 places available
Edinburgh – CivTech Studio 12 December 2019 16 places available


Katy McNeil, Intrapreneurship Lead at CivTech: