We are working across the Scottish Government and wider public sector to improve diversity and inclusion within the Digital, Data and Technology profession.

The digital strategy recognises that a more diverse workforce will deliver benefits for organisations and citizens through having high performing teams that drive innovation and create solutions that meet the needs of people living in our communities. We will not fully deliver an inclusive and accessible digital Scotland unless we continue to strive for a diverse digital workforce.

To address the digital skills gap in Scottish Government and across the public sector we are encouraging applications from a larger pool of potential applicants to help us build the skills we need for the future. Scottish Government has signed the Tech Talent Charter which is a public commitment to increasing diversity in the Digital, Data and Technology profession.

Improving recruitment practices

We are taking action to remove barriers to under-represented groups progressing into and within the profession and promoting digital role models from diverse backgrounds. Efforts are designed to attract digital talent and ensure the public sector is increasingly viewed as desirable place to work due to the level of ambition and opportunity to improve outcomes for people who rely on essential services.

Improving gender balance

Positive action will aim to increase the number of applications for digital jobs from women and we already have gender-mixed recruitment panels which includes sift and interview stages. The Digital Data and Technology profession will bring people into government from all backgrounds and provide career progression across a broader range of job roles. This will ensure there are career opportunities for everyone to progress and flourish in their roles.

Improving the perception of working in “digital”

We will promote digital as an attractive career choice for young people, women, disabled people, veterans and minority ethnic people. We often say “digital is a team sport” and we need people with a variety of life experiences and backgrounds to ensure we have the skills and experience we need for success.

Contact: Alan Rodden, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, or call 0131 244 0839