A cross-government profession working collaboratively with other functional areas to support the business of government.

DDaT professionals work across a number of roles to improve the relationship between citizen and the state by making sure the government is efficient and meets user needs.

DDaT taxonomy

The DDaT profession is made up of seven job families:

  • technical
  • user-centred design
  • IT operations
  • data
  • product & delivery
  • quality assurance and testing
  • security

Benefits of DDaT

DDaT can bring many benefits to both individual organisations and the government as a whole.

These include:

  • building a succession pipeline for the future through recruitment and retention of DDaT professionals
  • developing skills and maintaining continuing professional development (CPD) for professionals
  • achieving consistency in professional standards across government
  • creating a diverse and inclusive organisation through the diversity actions in the Digital Strategy


Contact: Yorath Turner, Head of Digital Capability and Talent, or call 0131 244 0061