Identify performance indicators for the service, including the 4 mandatory key performance indicators (KPI) defined in the GDS service manual. Establish a benchmark for each metric and make a plan to enable improvements.

How point 19 improves the service

Setting performance indicators allows they to continuously improve their service by:

  • learning its strengths and weaknesses
  • using data to support improvements they make


To meet this standard you must collect performance data for your website, your service and your organisation. This could be achieved through a web analytics setup. For more information check out our web analytics documentation.

You must also have staff who are able to interpret performance data. This understanding will be explored during the assessment.

Finally you must report your performance publicly. This could be shown through publishing monthly data on the Performance Platform.

How they’ll be assessed

Their assessment and the questions the assessors ask them will vary depending on their service and what it does.

In the discovery assessment

To pass, the service team usually need to:

  • show how they will set a baseline from the existing service, if applicable
  • show they’ve investigated means by which to improve on the KPIs
  • show they’ve considered any other metrics they may wish to measure

In the alpha and beta assessments

To pass, the service team usually need to:

They also need to explain:

  • how they’ve assessed the potential for channel shift and the level of assisted digital their service needs
  • other metrics that they’ll measure, when they’ll start, and how they’ll use them to improve their service
  • where they’re getting the data for their metrics
  • how they’ve set up their analytics package to collect user journey data
  • how they’ve made sure all stakeholders are actively involved in promoting or supporting digital delivery of the new service
  • how they’ll track people moving from using the offline service to the online one (beta assessment only)