Build a service consistent with the user experience of the rest of, including using the design style guide and the GOV.UK content style guide.

How point 4 improves the service

Using consistent language and design patterns means:

  • users trust digital services because they recognise the style
  • they don’t have to build something entirely new so they save time and can focus on unique parts of their service
  • they’re using patterns and style which are based on data and user research

How they’ll be assessed

Their assessment and the questions the assessors ask them will vary depending on their service and what it does.

In the discovery assessment

To pass, the service team usually need to show that they are using the or GDS design patterns, toolkit and style guide

In the alpha and beta assessment

To pass, the service team usually need to:

  • explain how their team has included designers, content designers and front-end developers
  • explain how the service has used the or GDS design patterns, front-end tool kit and style guide
  • show they’ve got a start and end page on and that both are optimised for users

To pass the beta assessment they also need to show:

  • the service is responsive and works on mobile devices
  • the headers and footers match the style if the service is to be hosted there