14. Channel Shift


Identify and, wherever possible, remove impediments that prevent users from using the digital service, clearly establishing it as the primary channel. Plan to provide appropriate assisted digital support if necessary.

How point 14 improves their service

Encouraging people to use their digital service allows they to:

  • save money by reducing the number of people using non-digital channels, eg call centres
  • help their users to develop their digital skills
  • give better assisted digital support to those who can’t use digital services on their own

How they’ll be assessed

Their assessment and the questions the assessors ask them will vary depending on their service and what it does.

In the discovery assessment

To pass the discovery assessment, the service team usually needs to show that they:

  • are aware of which channels the service is currently delivered through and the volume of transactions that go through each
  • have spoken to organisations which help the users through the current services
  • have considered how they will increase digital uptake

In the alpha assessment

To pass, they usually need to talk about:

  • their plan for increasing digital take-up including best practice examples
  • the other channels their service is delivered through
  • the data they collect on their other channels
  • how they collect data on service usage for each channel
  • how they have complied with data protection on any identifiable personal information
  • the organisations and groups that help their user with the existing digital or non-digital services
  • insights from research with real users, user demographics, attitudes, behaviors and channel preferences, and user journey maps
  • how each channel meets different users’ needs
  • how they’ve designed the digital service in a way that gives it clear advantages over other channels

In the beta assessment

To pass, they usually need to:

  • explain how they plan to promote and increase digital take-up , continuing into live
  • the evidence behind their plans for increasing digital take-up and phasing out non-digital channels
  • show weekly analytics or metrics for usage volumes across channels
  • show how they’ve improved the way they communicate with users based on user insight
  • discuss analytics data that shows how their new ways of communicating have performed
  • usage volumes (and trends) per channel