Lead Assessor

The Lead Assessor is the chair of the assessment panel. They are responsible for:

  • running the assessment including keeping the panel on time
  • assessing the service as a whole against the Digital First Service Standard
  • understanding the operational capability of the team and the support networks in the wider organisation
  • pulling together the comments of the assessment panel
  • editing and approving the final version of the assessment report after the assessment

The Lead Assessor will have extensive digital transformation experience.

For the below roles you may not need to have one of each of these assessors as an assessment panel is normally made up of 5 people. These roles can be blended together depending on the project and specific skills of the individuals. For instance the technical assessors may also have the skills to cover the performance standards.

Technical Assessor

Technical Assessors are responsible for looking at the technical aspects of your service. They want a service team to show:

  • the plans for software development and web operation
  • that their platforms, products, transactions and system architectures are robust, scalable, open and secure
  • the tools and systems they have in place to build and operate their service
  • their models for testing
  • their awareness of policies e.g. the Open Source and Open Standards Policy

Product Assessor

Product Assessors look at the design principles behind the service and the service team’s decisions about the design of the service. They want a service team to show:

  • that their service is or will be hosted on
  • that the design of the service is in keeping with the design patterns and style guide for
  • that the service is sustainable and has an appropriate, cross functional team to supports its continued delivery
  • that the service has the appropriate governance and links into stakeholders

Content Design Assessor

Content Designers focus on the content of the service. They want a service team to show the content is:

  • focused on user needs
  • in plain English and easily accessible to all
  • accurate and reliable
  • follows the style guide

Assisted Digital Assessor

Assisted Digital Assessors understand the problems with digital services that people with mental and physical disabilities face. They also understand the impact that conditions (for example dyslexia and dyspraxia) have on using digital public services.

They want a service team to show:

  • they understand the requirements of their users
  • they can demonstrate that the Assisted Digital support will meet demand from different types of user
  • how the service meets/ will meet the enhanced digital provision set out in the Assisted digital guidelines
  • what provision will be made for people who can’t or choose not to use digital services
  • the service team can show the skills and training required to assist users
  • the service team have knowledge of how to direct and encourage users to gain digital skills

User Research Assessor

User Researchers look at the research conducted for the service and the service team’s plans for ongoing research.

They want a service team to show:

  • they have used an appropriate mix of research and analysis tools and methods
  • how they have generated insight into service user’s needs, problems, behaviours and contexts
  • how they have engaged service users to make sense of that research and to make design decisions
  • what actions have been taken based on these insights - for example in creating user needs or service design decisions

Performance Assessor

Performance Assessors look at how the service team understand and are improving the performance of your service. They want a service team to show how they’re:

  • collecting and presenting performance data and analysis for their service
  • using data to improve the service

Becoming an assessor

We are always looking to recruit new assessors. If you are interested is becoming a Digital First Assessor or would like to find out more about the assessor roles please contact the Digital First Team at