Agile overview

Information on how to make your project agile and on the different stages of agile: Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live.

Find out more about making your project agile.

Preparing for a Digital First Service Standard assessment

Guidance on how to prepare for the assessment including before the assessment, the presentation and the assessor panel.

Find out more about how to prepare.

Assessor roles overview

Information on the different types of digital specialists that will be on the assessment panel.

Find out more about assessor roles and responsibilities.

Prompts and questions - Discovery, Alpha and Beta

Examples of questions that may be asked at the different stages of assessment.

Read the asking the right questions page.

Support for organisations and assessors

Find out what support is available for organisations and assessors that will be involved in the Digital First Service Standard assessment.

The assessment report

After an assessment the panel will need to write a report for the service team. Find guidance for writing the report including the style guide, template report.