What it is

Data can mean different things in different situations. In this case, it’s gathering evidence, information and knowledge from a range of different sources to inform decisions.

Types of data include:

  • website analytics
  • user research
  • financial information - for example costs and budgets
  • call centre enquiries
  • user feedback

We can use this data to make decisions about how to build, monitor and improve our products and services.

Why it’s important

A good service is one that makes evidence-based decisions to meet user needs.

Using data helps service teams make decisions that are based on facts. This means we can build the right products and services in the right way.

You can use data to understand:

  • why services are needed
  • how service are used
  • how satisfied users are with services
  • how the service is performing

How you can use data to make decisions

It’s important to have team members who:

  • understand the importance of user needs
  • can use digital tools to gather and analyse data, like a performance analyst

When designing, building and running a service, teams often use data to set goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) - a way of measuring the performance of an organisation or project.

KPIs are unique to your service and help you to know:

  • what you are aiming to achieve with your service
  • how many users you will have
  • how much your service will cost to deliver
  • if your service has delivered well

Useful resources