Find out what the Scottish Approach to Service Design community does and how you can get involved

The Scottish Approach to Service Design aims to collectively define a common approach to designing public services.

This means developing a structure to help organisations work together, understand problems together and design service journeys together.

The vision is to:

  • develop a shared language for talking about service design in the public sector
  • make it easier to collaborate between and across organisations
  • shape the way that users contribute to services

The principles that guide this are:

  • collaborative — design services that work together with users, the service team and other public service providers
  • inclusive — design for everyone regardless of perspective, experience or ability
  • empathic — design with an understanding of what others see, feel and experience

A community exists to support the ambition to do this collectively. We encourage anyone interested or involved in developing and designing public services in Scotland to join.

How to join

The community is a space to ask questions, share your knowledge and experience and contribute to the conversation. The intention is for members of the community to be active participants in improving and developing this guidance.

Join the community.