Make an ethics plan and review it throughout your project to make sure anyone involved is treated with dignity and respect.

Creating an ethics plan at the beginning of your project helps make sure anyone you involve in your research and design is treated fairly and with respect.

You should also review your ethics plan throughout the project.

  1. Create your ethics plan by filling out the ethics plan template.
  2. Present your ethics plan and associated documents to your team. Make sure everyone understands it and why it’s necessary. Get internal agreement that it’s appropriate and achievable.
  3. Send the plan and associated documents to a relevant person for sign-off. This should be someone who has experience of designing ethically.
  4. Upload the plan to your records management system so your team can access and reference it in future.

Using the ethics plan

To help make sure your ethics plan works throughout the project:

  • consult the ethics plan when planning any research activities and review it at each phase
  • make sure any new members of the team read it as soon as possible — they should also have the chance to feed back any questions, queries or improvements
  • discuss the plan regularly and be open to any challenges and improvements
  • check that the plan complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding safety of data
  • record any changes, improvements or challenges

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Download an ethics plan template.